The Warrnambool Orderly Room was constructed in 1868 on the Warrnambool Government Reserve and expanded to include a Gun Room and Residence in the late 1880s. The masonry Orderly Room was designed by the Shire Engineer A. Kerr and was regarded to be one of the most elegant of the volunteer defence association buildings in Victoria. The building designed by council engineer, Andrew Kerr and was opened with a grand ball on New Year’s Eve 1868, with the celebrations were deemed so successful that another ball was staged the following evening. The then Governor of Victoria, Sir Henry Manners Sutton, claimed it to be the finest Orderly Room he had seen in the Colony.

“Kosloff Architecture’s success in drawing out the best of a tired heritage building and using it as inspiration for a stunning new three story building with a seamless interconnection between old and new, has been heralded as a triumph by the Warrnambool community. Striking design elements internally and externally, testament to the architects vision and attention to detail have ‘lifted the aspiration of the City’. The highly functional design is a result of Kosloff’s willingness to work collaboratively with stakeholders.”


Alison Kemp, Manager Recreation and Culture, Warrnambool City Council, November 2022