We believe that in order to build a highly engaged practice culture, we need to be willing to challenge existing ideas regarding ownership, succession planning, career trajectories and modes of working. Exploration of alternative models for structuring an architectural practice requires a willingness to engage with complexity, and deserves as much focus as the buildings and places we design.

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We see this as fundamental to the production of good architecture, forming the basis for innovation, risk taking and the continual pursuit of excellence. Ideas around legacy and impact are equally relevant to the environment we create for everyone within the practice, as well as everyone we collaborate with.

Our Ethos

Our practice culture encourages divergent thinking and to that end, everyone within the practice is first and foremost valued for their unique perspectives, ambitions and skills. Defining a clear conceptual framework for everything we do allows us to align this diversity of thinking to achieve common goals.

Our Team

Julian Kosloff

B.Arch (Hons), RMIT University

As a co-founder, Julian sees architecture as the medium for compelling narratives and distinctive outcomes that can be embraced by all stakeholders. Reaching an outcome that is both ambitious and tailored to the needs of each client requires the assembly of the right team. Equally important however, is facilitating the development of authentic relationships and a shared vision of what is possible.

Julian believes that the integrity of the outcome is dependent upon the quality of the process and approach. A willingness to accept that multiple solutions may exist is fundamental to eliciting meaningful contributions from all parties involved. Letting go of preconceived ideas regarding what the solution might be is essential. Rigorously interrogating not only the functional drivers of a project, but also the emotional and conceptual principles that form meaningful and enduring architecture.

Stephanie Bullock

B.Arch (Hons), RMIT University
B. Commerce, University of Queensland
Grad. Dip Banking Administration, Vanderbilt University
Project Management Professional (PMP) Qualified

As a co-founder of Kosloff Architecture, Stephanie believes that the creation of an authentic and engaged practice culture is integral to producing high quality and lasting architectural design.

She is committed to building a workplace that is highly aspirational in terms of what it provides for the people that work there, and also to collaborators and the broader community.

Stephanie has led a wide range of projects for residential, institutional, educational, commercial and government clients, and her architectural experience is complemented by an extensive range of business skills honed in her previous career as a management consultant and project manager.

Kosloff Architecture is in the final stages of BCorp Certification, and she is fully committed to the principles of sustainable and ethical business as outlined in the BCorp charter.

Emily Gallagher

B.Des St, M.Arch, University of Adelaide

Emily has significant experience in civic, institutional and masterplanning projects, as both a Project and Design Architect, across a range of project scales. Her passion for quality design outcomes that simultaneously deliver and exceed stakeholder and client expectations is what drives her.

Within the practice, her role transcends labels, touching upon the daily operations, HR, management, marketing and project work. Her generosity is witnessed in mentoring young architects on what a successful project delivery involves.

Alongside this, Emily has been actively involved in the AIA Victorian Architecture Awards as a Juror since 2014 and is a mentor for the Constructive Mentoring Program

Rachel Parker

Senior Architect
B.Arch (Hons), Victoria University of Wellington

Rachel has experience in both New Zealand and Australia, working on projects spanning an extensive range of typologies and sectors.

Rachel believes that design should be holistic and human-centred, with a constant consideration of context as well as social and environmental factors. Combining attention to detail with integrity, Rachel enjoys forming trusted relationships with clients, consultants and contractors to drive high quality outcomes and successful project delivery.

Recently, Rachel has relocated from Melbourne to Tauranga, New Zealand, continuing with Kosloff Architecture on a remote basis. She is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA) and is actively involved with the local branch.

Rachel loves seeing projects become a built reality and the never-ending learning that life as an architect offers.

Lance van Maanen

Project Architect
B.Arch, M.Arch, RMIT University

Lance’s architectural experience in design and project delivery roles spans across a range of scales and typologies including existing/heritage refurbishments and extensions, institutional buildings, mixed-developments, and master planning. His experience on a number of award winning public projects has afforded him opportunities to champion the value of design across a broad community of users. Maintaining a holistic and tailored approach, Lance engages with commitment and rigour to ascertain both functional needs and aspirational goals. He associates with projects that describe reinforced relationships and shared visions.

Victoria Allan

Registered Architect
B.Des, Whitehouse Institute of Design
M.Arch, University of Melbourne

Victoria is a Registered Architect with design vision and creative ambition. She understands how the big picture translates into details and is able to work at a multitude of scales to retain design integrity in the face of project challenges, in this way enabling design as a product of negotiation, understanding, communication and collaboration. Victoria’s range of experience across educational, institutional, commercial, and residential architecture and interiors has focused her forward approach to design exploring cultural adaption and social needs, forecasting trends, materiality and smart built form to produce relevant outcomes.

Marianne Calvelo

Graduate of Architecture
B.Arch, Victoria University
M.Arch Professional (First Class Honours), University of Auckland

Marianne has a breadth of practical experience in various projects particularly within the education and public sector.

Her strategic thinking and design acumen comes to the fore through all aspects of each project from client briefing, design development, documentation and coordination with other disciplines right through to delivery.

She believes in the power of collaboration and eliciting the ‘good stuff’ from conversations with people, designing with clarity and purpose. She believes architecture is a practice of reciprocal and positive relationships with all those involved.

Chooi-Si Chok

Graduate of Architecture
B.Envs, M.Arch, University of Melbourne

Chooi Si graduated from the Master of Architecture in The University of Melbourne and has since gained experience across a range of residential and commercial projects. She is passionate in creating socially and environmentally sustainable spaces. Through an appreciation for detail and design across varying scales, she continues to contribute her skills and growing architectural knowledge towards the creation of livable places.

Yadamsuren Idenbayar

Graduate of Architecture
B.Arch, M.Arch, Monash University
Dip Art and Design, Monash University

Yadamsuren graduated from the Master of Architecture at Monash University and has worked on various educational and residential projects since his graduation. Colleagues are quick to commend him on his work ethic which consistently exceeds expectations. He is eager to learn more about architecture and its practice in order to advance himself as a professional.

Alex Lytas

Graduate of Architecture
B.Arch, M.Arch, Monash University
Dip Art and Design, Monash University

Upon graduating from Monash University in 2017, Alex has worked on numerous multi-residential projects. He is the joint recipient of the Australian Institute of Architects’ AIA Student Ideas Competition in 2017, a testament to his critical design strategies and meticulous work ethic.

Darius Le

Graduate of Architecture
B.Arch, M.Arch, RMIT University

Since graduating in 2016, Darius has continued to pursue her interests in local Melbourne historical narratives, architectural and urban speculation and the spectacle through her teaching at RMIT University and Monash University. She maintains a relationship with academia through critiquing, moderating and collaborative research projects.

Zac Henderson

Student of Architecture
B.Arch, RMIT University

Zac is Darius’ best friend.

Geema Wijerathne

Student of Architecture
B.Arch, RMIT University
Dip Interior Design and Decoration, RMIT University

Geema Wijerathne is currently completing her Master of Architecture, after recently completing the Bachelor of Architectural Design program at RMIT University.

She finds delight in the realisation of architecture at various scales; from the choice of a material to larger spatial planning.

Karlo Abbugao

Student of Architecture
B.Arch, RMIT University

Karlo is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Architectural Design at RMIT University. His interest in architecture stemmed from Origami, the art of paper folding. This fuels his curiosity about how a building comes together and the creation of harmony between architecture and the built environment.